Gentle Extractions in Olympia

smiling patient happy with tooth extraction resultsIf dental problems arise and your tooth is infected or damaged, it's our goal to preserve your natural tooth structure whenever possible. However, if your tooth has suffered severe damage beyond repair due to trauma, tooth decay, or infection, it may need to be removed for your overall health. At Thurston Dental, we offer safe and comfortable dental extractions in Olympia to safeguard your oral health. We also provide tooth replacement solutions to restore your bite after the procedure.

Whether you have a dental emergency or are looking for a dentist to perform wisdom tooth extraction, we offer quality services while prioritizing your comfort. Contact Thurston Dental to learn more about safe tooth extractions in Olympia.


Common Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Numerous circumstances can make a tooth extraction necessary for both kids and adults. In most cases, it is to remove a tooth that is damaged or decayed, but there are times when a tooth may be extracted outside of emergency treatment. Here are some common reasons you may need a professional tooth extraction.

  • Baby Teeth: In cases where baby teeth have the potential to interfere with adult teeth erupting, extraction is necessary. Doing so allows the adult teeth to emerge correctly and avoid bite issues.
  • Diseases and Trauma: While it is possible to restore severely decayed or damaged teeth using crowns and root canal therapy, these treatments may not sufficiently preserve the functionality and appearance of your teeth. Tooth extraction can be the best option to prevent further complications when we can't save the tooth due to gum disease or trauma. You may also have a tooth extracted to protect your oral health when undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Orthodontic treatment: Overcrowding or impacted teeth can affect your bite and make it difficult for other teeth to emerge. In such cases, extracting some of the teeth is necessary when treating orthodontic issues.
  • Wisdom teeth: Many people have mouths that are too small to accommodate the third set of molars, leading to partial eruptions, impacted teeth, or orthodontic issues. Removing some or all of the molars can prevent dental issues later on and make orthodontic treatment easier.
  • Patient Choice: Sometimes, you may decide to extract one or more problematic teeth. This is most common in cases where you only have one or two teeth remaining and would like to receive dentures or dental implants.

Regardless of your reason, our team will ensure you get the best care at our practice.

Our Dental Extraction Process

extractions in OlympiaOur Olympia extractions are straightforward procedures that we can typically complete in one dental appointment. First, we evaluate your dental situation to establish that extraction is ideal for you. It also helps us plan your treatment. Before your extraction, our team will provide all the information you need about the process and take you through your tooth replacement options. We also address any concerns and questions you might have. We also offer oral sedation to help you feel more comfortable and alleviate any dental anxiety you may experience.

To eliminate pain and discomfort, we start the procedure by numbing your tooth, gums, and jawbone. Our dentist then extracts the affected tooth or teeth and places gauze in the resulting cavity to stop bleeding. We may also use self-dissolving sutures on the extraction area to promote healing. We refer complex cases to a specialist to ensure that you get the level of care and expertise you need.

After the procedure, our dentist will prescribe medication to alleviate pain, promote healing, and prevent infections. We also advise on how to take care of your mouth at home to ensure you recover within a short time and avoid complications.

Dental Implants for Replacing Your Extracted Tooth

It's worth considering bone preservation if you want dental implants after tooth extraction. Bone preservation prevents bone loss and ensures you have an adequate, healthy jawbone to support your implants. We also provide implant-supported restorations to help you regain your full bite after tooth extraction. Depending on how many teeth you want to replace, you can choose implant-supported crowns, bridges, or dentures.

Implants are the most reliable tooth loss solution that gives you the convenience, functionality, and appearance of natural teeth. They are also long-lasting and can serve you for a lifetime as they permanently fuse with your jawbone. Our implant-supported restorations are made of quality materials and can last up to 15 years with proper care.

Tooth Extraction FAQs

We understand that you likely have questions about extractions, and we invite you to ask our team anything that you'd like to know. Some common questions we receive are:

How do I take care of my mouth after extraction?

To prevent complications and promote faster healing, you need to rest during the first 24 hours after the extraction and engage in minimal activities for the next two days. You can also rinse your mouth lightly with a salt solution after 24 hours. Gently clean your mouth and avoid brushing or flossing the affected area.

Eat soft foods during the first few days as you heal, and do not use a straw when drinking beverages as it may dislodge the scab necessary for healing. Lastly, avoid smoking as it will affect your recovery, and take your medications as prescribed. In case of pain, apply an icepack to the area of your face to reduce swelling and discomfort.

The tooth extraction procedure does not hurt. We use a local anesthetic to numb your tooth and minimize discomfort. You may feel pressure at the extraction site as the dentist removes the tooth.

Once the anesthetic wears off, it is normal to feel pain after your extraction. You will also experience bleeding and swelling around the extraction area. Usually, the symptoms should significantly reduce on the third day and completely resolve within a week.

Call the dentist immediately if you notice excessive bleeding or pain that gets worse. You should also seek immediate professional help if you experience numbness, fever, trouble swallowing, bleeding from your nose, and pus at the extraction area site.

Comfortable Tooth Extraction in Olympia, WA

When looking for tooth extraction services in Olympia, choose experienced and skilled professionals to protect your safety and overall well-being. Our skilled team at Thurston Dental is committed to providing a positive experience to all our patients. Schedule an appointment today for safe and comfortable tooth extractions in Olympia.