Comfort Services

At Thurston Dental you can rest comfortably under a warm blanket while the team uses modern dentistry to provide you with an efficient and comfortable experience.

Digital x-rays

Digital x-rays are safer, emitting less radiation than traditional x-rays; they’re quicker because they require less processing time; and they’re more convenient because they can be enlarged for better viewing or easily emailed when necessary.

Intra-oral Camera

This is a great little camera that allows the dentist to take pictures of specific areas in your mouth. Want to see a photo of the crack in your tooth? You can see it with the intra-oral camera.

Chairside Monitor

You can view your x-rays immediately right in the comfort of the dentist’s chair with chairside monitor.

Oral Sedation

This is a simple, yet effective way to ease your nerves and anxieties for treatments. You simply swallow a pill and wait to feel relaxed. This method doesn’t put you to sleep, but often patients are so relaxed they do dose off – and typically don’t remember much of the procedure.

Highest quality standards of sterilization and infection control

You can feel comfort knowing your environment and tools are germ-free, and all procedures are performed with infection control as a top priority.